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Saturday, July 02, 2005

being back...

...and typing 'q' where I should put an 'a'. I shqll have to learn to type on a qwerty keyboard again before Monday...

I'm going to upload some pics to this website, but just q few. For those who want to see them all, you will have to ask me nicely!

I don't feel like sleeping.

So, being back. I guess that every time I go away I expect things to have changed. The things I least expect to change, do. And the things that I wish would change never do! So it's same old, same old here. More or less.

So, happy birthday, Annemarie. I'm sorry I couldn't stay for Cranium, as I know you were dying for me to do another miming one (I must admit that 'cat litter' wasn't the easiest thing to mime). I hope you had a lovely birthday, and will enjoy reading Philip Pullman in French.


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