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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

responsable de l'auberge!

Je suis Jenny - je suis la nouvelle responsable de l'auberge de jeunesse Quimper! Haha, I just had a word with my boss and he is going off on holiday for two days and leaving me in charge!!! I'm under strict instructions though that if his boss, calling from Paris, calls, I have to say 'Jude s'est absenté et il revient plus tard' (Jude has gone out but he'll be back later). Under no circulstances am I to use the phrase 'Jude est absente', very similar as you can see, as that means he's buggered off and left me here all by myself to run the place whilst he soaks up the sun with his Spanish girlfriend (excuse my language). But hey, it'll be good fun, as long as I don't double book beds or anything stupid like that, or tell people on the phone that breakfast costs 30€35 instead of 3€35, like I did the other week (I really hate foreign numbers!!). The lady on the phone kept going on about how expensive that seemed, and I was just saying, 'Well, sorry, but that's the price, I can't change it'. Only after I'd put down the phone did I realise that 'grosse connerie' that I'd committed, but chuckled about it for the rest of the day. How about that then, a hostel where it costs 9€30 per night, but a staggering 30€35 for bread and coffee in the morning!!!! Oh la la.

The Pointe du Raz was really spectacular. In fact it's like the equivalent of a national park in France. It was an incredibly hot day though, which kind of took the edge off the enjoyment and appreciation of it all. I walked along the coastal path to the Baie des Trespassés (Bay of the dead), which despite's it's unfortunate name, is actually a really pretty beach. I only had three hours (because of the buses) and it took an hour to get to the bay (plus a little extra for getting lost) and then an hour to get back, so I was totally shattered by the time that I got back to the bus. Dead good excerise though. I reckon I've burnt off a few of those calories I've put on since eating crêpes non stop for four weeks (slight exaggeration, but still).

I spent this afternoon doing uninteresting things, such as sending a box full of books I've bought here back to England! I had to deal with an especially miserable woman though at the counter. But hey, it's all French practice. Went to Carrefour (supermarket) for food for the next four days... As you can see, nothing exciting to report. Only four days!!! Incredible!!! This time next week I'll be back replying to emails from all the Chinese students!!! Bisous.


Anonymous Wanyu said...

I read on Taiwan-students-in-York website that one student said 'people at graduate schools office reply really rapidly, i once received three immediate responses from them within an hour--it was almost like using MSN messenger!!'

Was that you who was responding to her enquiries I wondered!!

See you real soon! My days of packing and moving should soon finish and then it's time for REM!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Wanchen said...

Hello Wanyu, I believe it's our Jenny!! last time I wrote Graduate Schools office, and Jenny was very efficient to reply my query. (though at first I though I was previlileged because of Jenny ; p

Hello Jenny
welcome back tomorrow!! see you very soon.

9:47 AM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Haha, OF COURSE it's me!!! I am the most efficient worker in that office!!!! I'm kind of dreading going back to work on Monday in case everything's in chaos...

Home tomorrow~ I can't wait!!!! And I can't wait to see REM!! It's sooo sweet of Carmen to organise a party for me and Wanyu. WY, hope all the packing's going ok!

See you very very soon!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Wanyu said...

Jens, Sunday for a drink sounds very nice!

Dem keeps calling me madwomanInTheAttic, and I'm indeed going mad because of all the packing.

After all the work, where am I gonna put all the stuff? Oh, headache.

Callie's friend Kevin's moving to a house just two doors away or the like, ha, amazing...

See you on Sunday! I think Carmen'll join us too!

11:06 AM  

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