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Sunday, June 19, 2005

il ne me reste que deux semaines

It's been a funny week ~ I'll try and remember everything that has been happening.

Well, I spent a quiet couple of days on Thursday and Friday, and the weather wasn't so good so couldn't sunbathe as usual in the garden during the afternoon. Relations with Jude have been a bit up and down... I've realised now how hard it is to work with just one other person all the time, and I don't think I'd like to do that when (and if) I get a real job! Anyhow, he annoyed me on Friday night because we locked up as usual, he went home, and I started to make dinner. There was a knock on the door at just before 9pm, so I went to answer and there were two girls looking for a place to stay. Technically the door/office was shut, so we're not supposed to let people come and stay after closing, but since I've travelled a lot myself and understand how stressful it can be to find somewhere to stay, I gave Jude a ring and asked him what I should do... He said that I should just show them to the room and tell them to pay in the morning when the office opened. Anyhow, after that there was another knock at the door (remember that I'm not supposed to be working after 8!!) - two Finnish girls were at the door, claiming that thay had made a reservation and that Jude had said that it would be ok for them to arrive late. So, I did the same thing, and showed them to the room... But Jude hadn't said anything about a late arrival!!!! And plus, it's not for me to be on duty 24 hours a day answering the door and dealing with guests!!! I don't mind, it's only temporary, but I was just feeling a bit used and thought, well if I'd gone out that evening, what would the girls have done? I told Jude the next day and he didn't apologise or say thanks you, so he wasn't my favourite person.

But, last night, we worked really well together, and he even told me I'd done a good job :-) I even made him laugh I think (an achievement since he never really even smiles much). He's a decent guy deep down, just a bit of a know-all (Mr. Je-sais-tout), but good at his job. However, I had to call him at midnight last night because just as I was falling asleep, I suddenly remembered that neither of us had called the boulangerie to order the baguettes for today's breakfast (the bread's delivered to the hostel every day)... I was kind of panicking, but he was ok about it and told me that I'd have to go out this morning and buy bread... So got up super early and went on a hunt for baguettes... Managed to find somewhere not too far away, and get back in time to do breakfast. Nobody knew anything about it. ^_^

Thierry was in trouble yesterday because he didsappeared for two days without paying his bill (although we knew he'd come back because he'd left all his stuff here). Jude gave him a big telling off and even called Thierry's mum to tell her what had happened!! Poor guy though, while he was away on his adeventre, someone stole his moped..

We have another guy staying called Joseph, who stays every year for maybe a month. I have been told that music is his life, and that he travels around India with his guitar and flute making music. Apparently he plays in the garden every evening at the hostel, and he has also offered to teach me guitar tonight!! Yay!! He does yoga a lot too (he was in the garden until at least 11 last night and all this morning). It's great the people you meet in hostels!

There is however someone very odd staying at the hostel, called Didier (says it all really). He only eats a loaf of bread every night for dinner, and I mean a huge loaf, which he dips in salad dressing. He even comes from a town not far away, so don't quite understand what he's doing at a youth hostel.

Oooh, I've been learning 'verlan':
These are some of my my favourites: bizarre = zarrebi
fou = ouf (someone called Jude Mr. Ouf - spot on!!)
tefe = fête
louche = chelou

Tomorrow I'm going on my second voyage... Taking the train the Rennes, spending the afternoon there, then heading to Pontorson to stay in the hostel, so that I can go and see Mont St. Michel on Tuesday!!! Woo!!! I finally get to see the second most famous sight in France!!


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