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Sunday, June 12, 2005

va, vis et deviens

I've just walked into this bar to use the computer and everyone is playing cards! Everyone! How bizarre! Must be a Sunday afternoon thing. So now I'm trying to update my blog and I keep getting poked in the back by the two kids behind me playing pool. I'm just waiting for my tea to go over... Well, the weather is still gorgeous here. I'm making the most of it and have been sunbathing in the back garden of the youth hostel (actually a campsite but there's nobody camping at the moment). I've burnt the top of my head though and now it's really itchy so I have to go around wearing my sun hat.

Well, I'm trying to think what I've been doing since Thursday... After I finshed up here I went back to make dinner only to discover that my "steak hachés" had disappeared! (I think it was the cleaner - Françoise (who, by the way, is really sweet) - who threw them away, but I didn't like to accuse her... So, Thierry, a guy staying at the hostel offered to share his dinner with me! Very sweet of him too... He's actually here to do exams because he's doing an apprenticeship to be a chef, although I wasn't lucky enough to have him cook me a proper meal, just chilli out of a tin and rice. So I gave him some of my quiche yesterday (I found the most amazing bakery). Thierry is really funny - he has a bit of an odd accent (he's from Lille) and I don't understand half of the time, so I just nod my head... (Wanyu, before you say ANYTHING, he's 19 years old and a bit of a geek, but sweet all the same...) There's another girl, well, woman, staying at the hostel, although I can't remember her name because it's Senegalese. She has lived in Paris all her life, but suddenly decided to leave in search of a new life in Brittany. So she's out every day looking for a job, although she says there aren't many jobs around here, unless you want to be a fisherman. (But she doesn't want to be a fisherman, surprisingly.)

Yesterday afternoon I went to see a film called Va, Vis et Deviens(which, for the non French-speaking amongst you, means "Go, Live and Become", although I think the translated title in English is just "Live and Become"). It was a really moving film (I cried about 15 minutes into the film!), but I didn't get to see the ending because it was really long and still hadn't finished by the time I had to get back to work... (Anyway, it's about an Ethiopian boy whose mother forces him to go to Israel and fake his identity as a Jew.)

This morning I was in charge all by myself! I had to get up early to set up breakfast (for just one person, but it still had to be done...) Anyhow, I waited, and waited, and the guy never showed up for his breakfast!! So I had to go upstairs and knock on everyone's doors really loudly to wake them up (the hostel has to be emptied by 10.30 anyway) but I felt really mean doing that! I felt like their mum!! No work this evening... until Thursday!! Going on my "mini-break" tomorrow (sorry, that's so Bridget Jones-ish) - really looking forward to that.

Wanchen/ Demi, I need your address to send a postcard.

This is so long, again...

Gros bisous à tous, et à la prochaine. xx


Blogger jennywren said...

Somebody help me - I can't make the link work!!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous wanyu in Taiwan said...

what's wrong with 19? Hmm, jennywren please invite him to York....

I bought Motorcycle Diaries's soundtrack, and have been listening to it. How's your iPod mini?

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Demi said...

Hi hi JENNY! I was only trying my luck but you really have updated your blog! It's a very different kind of life you're leading in France. I want to be some travellers' mom too, if only i can get the chance.
I'll email you our address. Thank you so much! I'll check my mail daily from tomorrow on! Miss you a lot as well. It's not nice to have you and Wanyu away at the same time... oh well...
Have a lot of fun! Parlez beaucoup de francais!! (is that even grammatically acceptable?) Ciao!

3:48 AM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Great French, Demi!!! I will send that postcard soon, promise!!

wanyu, my iPod is great! Did you get one at HK airport?

Miss you all, but see you soon...

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Wanchen said...

Hello Jenny, you are so kind! I believe Demi already sent you our address.
Demi, how could you say that!!! I feel hurt, I am here though they are away!!!! >_<" Although I do miss Jenny and wanyu too.

10:30 AM  

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