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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

un voyage zarrebi

Well, I have to try and make this short as I'm not in the regular bar where I've been checking my emails for free...

Well, got back last night from my two-day trip. Had a good time, overall. Will definitely not forget it though.

I spent the afternoon in Rennes, the capital of Brittany. I was pleasantly surprised by the place actually. Was just expecting it to be a big, noisy industrial city. There's the old part of the town, where I spent my time wandering around, buying books (again) and drinking tea in a pavement cafes. Also had a look round in FNAC (kind of like Borders, Dixons, and HMV all in one).

At 5 I took the train to Pontorson, where I would be spending the night in the hostel there so that I could visit Mont St. Michel the next day. This is where the fun began!!

I got to the hostel and met the guy 'in charge', Antoinie, and another girl who was helping out there. I settled in my room and then went out to the supermarket to get something to make for dinner. Got back and was chatting with Antoinie, who seemed like a nice guy, if not a little 'lost' in life, but seemed friendly enough. I was reading in my room (on the 3rd floor - in the roof!) and Antoinie came up to say hello and have a chat. We ended up chatting for about an hour, about his job, his past jobs, his family etc. It got to about 10pm so he went back to his room where he stays in the hostel when he's on duty.

Anyhow, I'd gone to bed and not long after there was a knock on the door. I tried to ignore it, but whoever it was wouldn't stop, so I opened and it turned out to be the elderly lady frop the room next door (only me and her staying at the hostel). She was really shaken up and was trembling, and apparently a stone had come through her window and hit her whilst she was sleeping... She'd looked out of the window and seen a man looking up at the window, so was obviously freaked out. I comforted her, and we locked my door. However, we then heard footsteps outside the door and got really scared. He went away, but Loulou (the lady) was still shaking, and decided to call the police!! I had a look out of the window again, and could see the guy... I could then make out that it was Antoinie!!! Then I started to put two and two together, and I realised that what had happened is that he'd meant to throw stones at MY window, to get my attention!!! But totally messed up and got the wrong window!! Idiot!!

So the police arrived and they all came upstairs, including Antoinie, totally denying everything. Saying that he'd been down there outside smoking and had not seen anyone. So I knew by then that it was definitley him. The police then figured out that it must have been him, and took him off to the police station to be reprimanded!!! I felt kind of bad for him, because if he had got my window as planned, I would have ignored it and locked my door, and then maybe have said something to him the next morning. Unfortunately for him though, he messed up the whole thing. I also felt kind of bad for him too though because he was saying that before he had this job, he just used to sell souvenirs on Mont St. Michel, so this was kind of a good chance for him. But still, he was supposed to be in charge of the youth hostel, and you can't treat your clients like that. Then I thought maybe it was my fault, and that I encouraged him or something, but I don't think so... We just chatted as friends would!!!

I went to sleep in Loulou's room and just as we were about to sleep there was a knock on the door.. the police were back, this time with the town mayor, who'd come to excuse A's behaviour!!! They also cofirmed that the stone was meant for me, and that they were glad to have had to chance to speak to him, because if it hadn't have been me, it would have been another girl. So I met the mayor at 1am!!!

So, what a night!

A didn't say anything the next day. I just left without saying anything.

Anyway, Mont St. Michel was amazing!!! I wandered around, went into the abbey, and than fell asleep on the grass for the rest of the afternoon!! Then had to take the bus back to Pontorson, to get the train back to Rennes, for the train back to Quimper. The train from Pontorson came an hour late, so consequently missed my connection in Rennes. The guy changed my ticket for me for the later train, but for some reason put me in first class instead of second!! Cool!! The first time I've travelled in first class!!

What an adventure!! Back to work tomorrow, until next Thursday, and then home on the 2nd.



Anonymous Richard H said...

Nice background. Sounds like you had quite a time. Poor Antoinie, I can't work out if he sounds sweet, weird, dim, or a mixture of the lot. Throwing stones at the window! It's sort-of the 1950s boarding school approach to wooing. Aaah.

2:44 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

I think a mixture of the lot!!

2:49 PM  
Blogger Koji said...

Oh Jenny, what an adventure you had!
You remembered to take some pictures with the Mayor after the midnight, didn't you?

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Demi said...

What an eventful trip! You've become a femme fatale without knowing it! Haha!! Poor Antoinie...

12:15 AM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Poor Antoinie! I was chatting to Yvette about him (she met him last week when she went to Mont St. Michel) and she thought he was a really nice guy! I feel so bad for him!

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Richard H said...

He wanted to make a sweetly schoolboyish bid for your attention.

He ended up smashing the wrong window in his own youth hostel.

Best to steer clear. Just out of interest, was the Mayor wearing fancy chains so that you'd know it was him and not just a random stranger disturbing you in the middle of the night?

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Wanchen said...

Hello Jenny,
I was breathless when reading your adventure. You cannot be so kind to think for him, he shouldn't have done that to anyone whom he just met. It's very dangerous and impolite. Glad you are safe!!!

I just got your postcard from Quimper, thank you, Jenny. Of course I can understand the french sentences you wrote!! thank you for helping me brush up my french. Demi is away to Wales and she will see that when she's back, I promise. So Quimper is a medieval city?! Fantastic! would you please take as many pictures as you can, my dear Jenny?

Today is a rather strange day for me. there is a concert going on on the campus. But almost everybody's away. Wanyu hasn't returned from Strafford-upon-Avon, Koji is now on his way back to Japan, Kunion went down to London to a wedding this morning, Demi is now in Wales, you are in France. and I am thinking that Carmen and Andy will leave this summer too and so do a lot of you guys. I feel as if next year will have 365 todays. Sometimes I really think that those who are leaving are so privileged...

6:26 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...


Sorry to hear that York is so quiet at the moment!! Soon we will all be back (I think wy's back already isn't she?) and it will be just like it was before...

I promise I am taking lots of pics to show you... Mostly of the buildings, but none of the mayor of Pontorson, unfortunately...

See you soon!!! Keep smiling!

PS Richard - can you give me your website address so that I can make a link (and look like i'm popular and have lots of friends haha...)

10:09 AM  

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