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Saturday, June 04, 2005

je m'en vais...

This time tomorrow I'll be in my little youth hostel in Quimper! Before talking about that though I just want to say thank you to all of you guys who helped Carmen and I celebrate our birthdays yesterday (you know who you are!). It was really, really special and it was a perfect way for me to spend my second to last evening in York (for a while). And thank you for not making me go to the Evil Eye. (Sorry, I really dislike that place.) If it had a nice name (or even if they'd just kept it as Forever Changes, then maybe I could be persuaded to go...) But Lendal Cellars was cool, and it was the first time I'd been down into the bottom bit. Actually, it made me realise how much I'm going to miss you people whilst I'm away... and I'll miss you even more in September! This is good practice though; it's a trial run for September... So sad!! Why do you all have to go back to far away places?! Stay here! Don't go!! But anyway, I had a lovely time and I love the presents. Wanyu, I will wear my Rufus tee all the time, and Koji, I put Eva in my iPod so that I can listen to her whilst I'm travelling around. Yoshi, Mr. Children is in my iPod too, so I won't forget Japanese now. And I can try and memorise the guitar chords. Hmm. Wanchen, I hope the necklace will work! I really hope so! One day it will! Kunio, I like the cat a lot, and the kanji on the back (one of the few kanji I can actually read!) Andy, thank you for the card; very appropriate. You'll have to tell me if Rachel (the girl who'll be doing my job) plays Solitaire/emails all day too, just like me! Kei, the flower is so pretty! Toyo (from Matsue), yes, we will play the guitar together some day, after I get around to actually learning... And Carmen, I will get something special, don't worry! I'm glad we could celebrate our bdays together. Finally Demi. You're so funny! I'm glad you could come in the end... I'm sorry if we stopped you from doing your work! Oh, Tara too for the paper. Thank you, thank you!!

I've just got back from the city screen cafe... we were pretending it was warm and managed to sit outside for a bit. I was feeling a bit anxious about going to France. This is really unusual of me; why am I worried about going to France for a few weeks, when I went to live in Paris, and Japan, for much longer! I don't know why. But Annemarie was really sweet and made me feel better by saying things like "It won't be that bad because you won't have to eat raw fish" and "at least you won't have to clean classrooms". Bless. It made me feel better. But I guess they eat weird things in France too, like horse (according to Richard anyway). Well, I made to decision to go, so I have to stick by it. It can't be worse than sitting in front of a computer all day having to read emails addressed to Mr. Jenny Atkinson (some overseas students really need to figure out the difference between English male and female names!) It is difficult I guess. I shouldn't mock (Japanese names are the worst)!

Anyway, that's about it for now. I will try to update my blog regularly. I don't know about uploading pictures, but I can always google some instead. Fre, I will speak to you on Friday! A bientot, people,



Anonymous Android WY said...

Hey, jennywren! I'm glad you enjoyed the party and like the pressies. We missed you at Stefan's party!

Be brave! I hope you're going to learn lots and lots this month and meet loads of nice new friends! (*ENVY*)

I was quite worried when I got the text from you last night, but I have confidence in you, and I think you will be fine in no time! (Surely you'll attract loads of good guys around you coz you're so sweet!!!!)

I miss you!!

2:00 AM  

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