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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the piano sings

I am still alive. Just. I'm so tired... Getting up (super, super) early isn't agreeing with me. Maybe. Or getting home at midnight and getting five hours sleep before teaching the next day isn't so good for me either. I need sleep... Zzz And this is only the start.

So, for all that I am complaining about the lack of sleep last night, I tell you, every lost hour of sleep was 100% worth it. Because I saw Michael Nyman. (Michael Nyman!!) I guess I should be writing a meaningful entry here about how amazing, wonderful, inspiring his playing was. Well, it was all that, so I can't really say any more. Songs I knew (by heart). Some new. Some old. Some that sounded familiar, as if I'd heard them before, although perhaps I hadn't. I just thought I had. He played my favourites (If, The Heart Asks Pleasure First, Jack). I also heard ones that I now want to play myself (Why). I couldn't believe I was sitting there listening to the man who is responsible for the hours I have spent playing the piano. Truly wonderful. And running in the rain...

I almost forgot - I got his autograph! He also smiled and said hello to me:) I will add the pic of WY and me with the man himself as soon as K sends the photo (hurry up, K!).

Despite being dead this morning, I taught my first ever Japanese lesson. It seemed to go well, although the content wasn't particularly inspiring. We had to review the different ways of saying 'to wear' (good revision for me too). I have to practise using simple Japanese classroom language... The French lesson with the year 8 little you-know-whats was also kind of fun. They listened to me and did what I told them! Do I look like a teacher? Maybe I do! I have to say, teaching itself I really like. Preparation and lesson planning I DO NOT.

Time to sleep... I will drink the (proper - made from real chocolate) hot chocolate that my neighbour made me.


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