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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

look after yourself

This was my breakfast this morning: one tablet of amoxycillin, two paracetomol, two spoonfuls of cough mixture (oh yes, and a cup of tea and some porridge too).

I am now into day ten of flu-symptoms. Well, the flu symptoms have more or less gone now, but I am left with a fever and a violent cough. And general downness that is to be expected from ten days of feeling like, yes, you-know-what.

I used the NHS Direct service today for the first time. I was impressed. The nurse told me no more than the doctor would have, and it saved me from having to leave my bed. So, anyone getting sick, phone NHS! They're good. (Although the lady did refer to my illness as a 'cold'. I promptly corrected her!)

No matter how hard I try to be well again, it isn't working. We can change our minds, our outlook, our attitude, but our body is something that we don't have control over (to some extent). My body will take as long as it needs. It won't listen to me screaming at it that I have a very important day tomorrow (the day I've been anticipating for a long time)... No matter how much sleep, how much medicine we take, things will always take as long as they need to.

Having cancelled my hair appointment three times already, I am going today no matter what.

I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself - it could be something much, much worse. I just hate things like this getting in the way of life and the big day tomorrow.

Don't take your health for granted~~


Anonymous wanyu said...

(I'm saying this again) HOPE YOU RECOVER 100% IN NO TIME!

Will be in Sheffield this Saturday around 11!!!

4:18 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

Thanks Wanyu~~

So glad you're coming to Sheffield! I will think of a nice place to have lunch.

I really hope I am 100% better soon too.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous wanyu said...

jens, the film was enjoyable (Lucy and I were laughing the whole time) but I can't say I've become the biggest's great that I came out of the cinema thinking positive thoughts!

I love Gromit tho. Am always very touched by true friendship.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

Just to let anyone know who's interested... I think I am almost better. Still a bit of rib pain (that ibuprofen stuff is well good though). So I'm happy:)

9:54 AM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

and it's my turn to be ill...
i just spent the whole afternoon moaning in the living room... i'm sorry for myself and my housemates (especially the one who's now cooking for me...)

6:28 PM  
Blogger x-slavesinger for the mob said...

how your alive get on with it
it maybe better than dead which is forever rotting in the ground
and taking you health for granted is so often overlooked until we ouselves get sick then you really find out what you had if only you could feel ok again.surely it must be the sickest day of your life when you die but to die with dignity making the sign of the cross no more concerns all youve done and owned and everyone known gone
but oh the innocent must be young to make us smile again...actually if we all could have that young innocent mind ourselves we could evolve rather than die everyday
youre blog
i liked it!

7:33 PM  

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