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Friday, September 08, 2006

R.E. and other thoughts

Well it's the end of the first week and what a long, long week indeed it's been. I feel like I've been thrown into a big sea of water not being able to swim, just trying to keep my head above the surface. I've survived, but I don't know if what I've done is right or wrong, whether I'm too lenient a teacher, too soft, too inexperienced to be given such responsibility. The only thing that keeps me going is that if I can survive this first week of being a teacher, or at least if I can make it through till Christmas still sane, then I can do anything. And I'm not just saying that. This has felt like the hardest week of my whole life and I think it'll get worse before it gets any better.

What makes me laugh (not much made me laugh this week, only cry) is that I have to teach R.E. Yes, R.E. as in Religious Education. Apparently I had one extra free on my timetable so I've been roped into that. Thankfully I don't have to plan anything since it's all done for me, but what a joke! The school should spare a thought for the time it takes me to travel to the local colleges and primary schools! But the harder it is this year, the better equipped I will be to survive this 'job'. This probably isn't the place for me to moan about this but I am doing anyway.

I want to sleep for a long time tonight and close off the bit in my brain that makes me think about teaching so that I don't get that feeling in my tummy that keeps me awake.

Honest, it's probably not all that bad. It's just that that it feels like absolute hell at the moment!

And I miss Sheffield. It's true, it's the best place to be! (R, you'll see!)


Blogger Richard said...

Everyone I speak to hates Sheffield. Or, rather, everyone I speak to knows nothing about Sheffield and assumes it's awful.

What do they know? I hope ...

(Apparently it's the greenest city in Britain. I need to know what `greenest' means before that's going to convince any mathematicians ...)

11:54 PM  

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