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Thursday, August 24, 2006

songs for guitar

I've been practising She's Losing It (from B&S's Tigermilk) since my last guitar lesson and I think I've just about cracked it. Well, to tell the truth, these chords should be barre chords, but since they're rubbish I'm not using that kind ;-)

I do want to learn something non-B&S next time. I gave NF guitarman a CD with some songs I'd like to learn, including these ones:

Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles)
Stockholm Syndrome (Yo La Tengo)
Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From (Teenage Fanclub)
New Slang (The Shins)
Something (The Beatles)
Labour of Love (Frente!)
Your Song (Love Psychedelico)
Northern Sky (Nick Drake)

Not sure which one I want to learn next. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome...


Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

bye wrenny!
i'm missing you already loads and loads, i'm looking forward to visiting you in the new house and you'll make me yummy dinner, hey hey!!

let's work hard!

8:38 AM  

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