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Monday, July 24, 2006

barre chords

i hate them so much that i wanted to throw my guitar and scream! why is it so hard? i don't see the point in learning them when it's much easier to play them in the normal way. damn barre chords!


Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

haha you sound so funny when you are pi**ed off


7:37 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

I am with you Jenny. Barre chords are annoying. They are particularly difficult on a classical guitar due to the wider neck!

2:10 PM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

but classical guitars' strings hurt less...

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now you're even more annoyed aren't you??

ah ah ah but thanks for this morning!!! it always pleases me to be in the water!!!!

:) and i hope we'll watch the film 'little fish' together, ok??

11:58 AM  
Blogger jennywren said...

yes, i want to see that film.

I didn't find the wheel trim but i went with my dad to a car scrap yard and we searched and searched amongst all the old cars and we (actually, I!) found one exactly the same as the one I'd lost! how funny...

4:31 PM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

hey! sorry in the middle of a very busy party I had no time to return texts... don't worry about it!!

hope you had a nice weekend and chat soon, ok??

4:38 AM  
Anonymous 1u said...

always good to see you!!

i hope one day I can jump in and immediately remember how to swim...

5:46 PM  

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