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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a better day (the sun is shining too!)

I'm just posting this so that next time (probably tomorrow) I feel like s*** about teaching, I can read this and feel better! I had a good lesson with my Y8s this morning (and it dawned on me that these kids were the ones I taught back in October when we first started the course, with S and C!) So, I feel a kind of fondness for them now and will not feel fed up when I have to prepare their lessons (I'll try anyway). The other thing that was good was that when I got to Y13 French, one of the 'kids' (they're not really kids I guess - just a few years younger than me!) said, "Oh, good, we've got a good teacher"! I share teaching them with two other teachers... I was quite taken aback! (Yes, I'm sure you're thinking he was being sarcastic, but I tell you he wasn't!) And then we had a really nice class on the subjunctive of all things (grammar is great!) and they were lovely, thinking that I had the key to the whole French language!! So sweet. I'm trying to think positive thoughts because I have to get on and plan for the awful Y9s tomorrow, for which I'm getting observed for... ugh. Seven days left of full timetable at school... This is what I have to keep thinking!!


Anonymous 1u said...

glad you had a good day! it's mostly cloudy here but warm...

i just asked a german bloke why a storm is female (Der Sturm) and he said because good weather conditions are male. Do you also explain the french la & le in this way ms wrennyjen?

3:12 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm glad that yesterday was good. I'm sure the student was being serious with the compliment. It does happen sometimes, and it's great because as a good teacher you make all the difference. People really respond to that.

Seriously, are you finished soon? Fantastic.

We have a relatively nice day. Mogwai tomorrow! (Have been overdosing on the downloadable live tracks ... worked out that you can get much better versions, which are just fantastic.)

6:14 PM  

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