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Saturday, February 25, 2006

not much

I'm cooking roast chicken (last Sunday too I made Sunday roast for S and I~~ it was quite good!). I've recently been missing mum's proper Sunday dinners, so from now me and flatmate K are going to make the effort to eat properly on Sundays. I also got hold (eventually!) of a Be-Ro cookery book. Been meaning to get a copy for ages now. Have now thanks to eBay! Actually it's been a good day for food (full English breakfast at Lynne's Pantry followed by dessert. Never had dessert with breakfast before!)

I don't have much to say... it's been a week of hard, hard work and tiredness. I'm feeling a little refreshed today, but the work has to start again tomorrow~~ But why won't it stop raining? It's rained here all week and now today.

Ooh, I got tickets to see Gemma Hayes at the Leadmill (maybe I'm more excited about finally being able to go to the Leadmill!)

I get to see ESOTSP tonight. I wonder whether it's a comedy or not.

Oh, and I got the latest Dave Eggers short story collection. Looking forward to reading those! Short stories are all I can deal with right now~~


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