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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally the gig of the year arrived!! I was not disappointed in the slightest, not even by The Brakes, who were supporting. In fact, they were quite entertaining~~ especially the song entitled 'Comma, Comma, Full-Stop'. Bit short, but good. Anyhow, B&S just sounded great: great sound, great crowd, great lighting, jokes, songs played... They played a lot (maybe too many) of the new songs, but somehow hearing them live made me like them even more (bearing in mind I don't have the album yet, having just listened to some tracks online). 'The Blues Are Still Blue' has particularly grown on me... The rest of what they played mostly came from Tigermilk - even 'Electronic Renaissance', which I never thought could sound good live. They didn't play much from the previous album, just a token 'I'm A Cuckoo', and 'Dirty Dream No. 2' from The Boy With The Arab Strap, but did quite a lot of the EP stuff - including 'La Pastie de la Bourgeoisie' and 'Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner'. Ooh, and 'Your Cover's Blown'... which I hadn't heard in a long, long time. My favourite part of the night was when Stuart did a survey of how many girls were in the crowd (for some reason, B&S gigs tend to be dominated by men...) and told the guys to sit down... Haha, he almost made them stay there for the whole song so that us girls could get a good view of the stage for at least one song... Ugh, one of my looking forward to things has already disappeared... I'll have to start making my list longer!


Blogger Richard said...

But you can look forward to getting the new album properly! Points to Stuart for making the guys sit down. I wouldn't have liked it, but I always wonder how the women manage to see anything (I get annoyed when there are people in the way, and I'm a bit tall).

When I get a computer (see how it's now definite!) I'll download the If you're feeling sinister show, if you don't have it already.

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