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Monday, January 30, 2006

Day One KES

I was falling asleep trying to watch 'The Happiness of the Katakuris' but either it's a really awful film, or I'm just too tired to concentrate on anything~~ Hence this blog entry and then SLEEP. The fact that the fire alarm went off at 4am doesn't help (we had to stand outside in the freezing cold for I'd say 20 minutes - this is why university-owned accommodation really sucks) and all the information that I have to absorb at school it too too much~~ I'm starting to feel a bit panicky about teaching A-level French... I shouldn't (I'm more than qualified to teach it) but I just don't feel like I should be teaching these kids, that they deserve someone better than me to teach them! Perhaps it's just initial nerves. Let's hope they go away soon. Anyway, the day started off quite dull (just observing and supporting one class) and I felt a bit unwanted (I mean, the atmosphere amongst the staff here is just completely different to the old school). The day progressively got more useful though, and I now have ideas about what I'm going to be teaching the A-level kids. (Whch reminds me, I should pick up all my old A-level work when I go back to York next time.) I also sat in on parents' evening, which, surprisingly enough, was fairly interesting. Got to hear all about some of the kids that will be in my classes and how (generally) wonderful they are. So that's good. Doesn't look like I'll have discipline problems. Phew. Shouldn't speak too soon. Apart from that there's not much to say. I think things are too scary if you look too much at the big picture. For now I'm only going to think about tomorrow (and the weekend, of course).


Anonymous wanchen said...

what is KES?

11:49 AM  
Blogger jennywren said...

KES = the name of my school (but I'd better not write it fully on my blog).

4:09 PM  

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