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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spanish 1

I quite randomly and unexpectedly went to beginner's Spanish at King Edward's tonight... I had met the guy, W, just today during my first induction day at the school (this is where I'm gonna be teaching too from the end of the month~~) and then I turned up to his adult Spanish evening class. (Wonder what he thought of me.) Anyhow, he didn't seem to mind that I join in even though I'd missed the whole of the first term. It was so cool!! I learned how to use some verbs like 'desayunar' and 'comer' and then say stuff like 'desayuno a las seis... desayuno cereales y cafe...' and I can (kind of) tell the time too. Kind of (because I haven't really learned the numbers yet). So, yes, I did something quite random and it seemed to work out ok!

But the main event of today was SE1 at King Edward's... Yes, yes, I know it is one of the top schools in Sheffield and that I should count myself lucky to be there and not in the middle of the Peak District having to take a million buses to get there to maybe a school that barely recognises languages... but for some reason I love my old school so much more than this one! Everything's different~~ loads of ICT in the classrooms (I'm gonna miss my reliable OHTs) and keys for everywhere and limits on photocopying! The staff are lovely (as teachers in general are) but somehow I just want to go back to Aldercar and back to the cupboard they called the office and the rubbishy classrooms. Why is change so hard?!

Anyway, on the brighter side of things, S made いなりずし, which I can't wait to try tomorrow for lunch~~.


Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...



have a very good time!!
good luck with spanish too!!

ps. hope you'll soon like your new school...

1:03 AM  
Anonymous 1u said...

i think i wanna go swimming on sat...

9:54 AM  
Blogger Natacha said...

you will get used to it, Jenny. Sonner or later, sometimes, it's just the way life works.

6:18 PM  

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