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Monday, January 02, 2006

Martha Wainwright

I bought a copy of Martha Wainwright's new album today... just to see if she is as good as her genes promise... (Indeed she is.) Although Rufus appears on one of the tracks (Bring Back My Heart: "I know I said/For you to take it/But you don't use it/And I got none in return"), she sings in her own unique style... tracks filled with raw energy alongside the ballads that are beautiful and haunting. Far Away is by far the most beautiful song...

Not the happiest of albums, but colourful and rich nevertheless. You will not be disappointed.

You can hear Far Away from Martha's website:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'ai beau t'aimer encore, j'ai beau t'aimer toujours
J'ai beau n'aimer que toi, j'ai beau t'aimer d'amour
Si tu ne comprends pas qu'il te faut revenir
Je ferai de nous deux mes plus beaux souvenirs
Je reprendrai la route, le monde m'émerveille
J'irai me réchauffer à un autre soleil
Je ne suis pas de celles qui meurent de chagrin
Je n'ai pas la vertu des femmes de marins

7:12 PM  

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