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Sunday, December 04, 2005

wish xmas would hurry up

I can't wait till Christmas! In my head, term is already over... But no, two and a half weeks to go till I can be free of ridiculously early mornings for TWO whole weeks! WY, my mum knows about the potatoes and the dripping, so you don't need to worry about that. I think dripping is quite nasty really, but it does make the potatoes taste really yummy.

I had a nice weekend, although not particularly exciting. Whenever I bake, it puts me in a good mood. I should make brownies more often since they have a really good effect on me. They don't do much for my tummy and hips though. Fre, can you hurry up and send that recipe for me please~~ onegai... Dinner in East One (again), a game or two of pool (I think I'm improving - even almost slightly better than T!). And MeadowHELL (that wasn't a nice bit of the weekend). Remind me never to go there on a Saturday again. Nevermind a Saturday in December. Remind me to never go there again at all actually!

K-flatmate is making mulled wine later... to give the internationals in our flat a taste of Christmas. A tad early if you ask me, but, I'm not complaining.

Another busy week ahead, including a trip to Nottingham (city centre, not my school - going there anyway~~) to see my cousin (who I haven't seen since her 21st birthday party back in March). Will be kind of weird seeing her not in Devon or York (the only two places I think I've ever seen her). I'm sure we'll find plenty to talk about (erm, teaching... groan).

Hurry up xmas hols!!


Blogger Richard said...

Baking is the best. Haven't done any for ages. The danger is that, unless I have a very specific plan for giving the produce away, or getting people to eat it with me, then I end up eating it all myself way too quickly.

Had a stupid early morning today myself, for no good reason. Because I'm an idiot. Grr.

12:22 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Yes, I think I ate at least two-thirds of the brownie batch I made (even though I shared it with my flatmates).

9:02 PM  

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