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Monday, December 05, 2005

ドレミ do re mi

I don't mean for everything recently to be Japan-related, but I had to put this in here. Helen lent me a cassette of Japanese children songs today so on the way home in the car me and T were listening to it... all of a sudden, without expecting it, Do Re Mi was playing!!! And, in Japanese, it's incredibly cute (why am I using this word so much recently...). We were literally singing all the way home, only being able to work out half the lyrics. We actually thought the ラ was ラクダ(camel)のラ! That's what we were singing anyway. I guess everyone else on the motorway thought we looked pretty silly sitting in the car singing our heads off! But, listening to it reminded me how much I love The Sound of Music (I do!).

Here are the lyrics (for anyone who can and wants to read them):

作詞/Oscar Hammerstein II 日本語詩/ペギー葉山 作曲/Richard Rodgers 編曲/風戸慎介 歌/伊東恵里、森の木児童合唱団

ドはドーナツのド レはレモンのレ
ミはみんなのミ ファはファイトのファ
ソは青い空 ラはラッパのラ
シは幸せよ さあ歌いましょう ランランラン

ドはドーナツのド レはレモンのレ
ミはみんなのミ ファはファイトのファ
ソは青い空 ラはラッパのラ
シは幸せよ さあ歌いましょう

ドレミファソラシド ドシラソファミレド
ドミミミソソ レファファラシシ
ドミミミソソ レファファラシシ……
ソドラファミドレ ソドラシドレド

どんなときにも 列を組んで
みんな楽しく ファイト持って
空を仰いで ランララララララー
幸せの歌 さあ歌いましょう ドレミファソラシドソド

I totally love learning songs in other languages...


Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

i taught my kids that song too when i was teaching in a primary school!!

the english version, of course...

now i really miss one of the little boys who could really sing well...

6:04 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

I also have to French version, but I don't know the lyrics at all... pas du tout.

6:38 PM  

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