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Thursday, December 15, 2005

bagels and cream cheese

Well, the end of another school week for me. Two days left... Monday and Tuesday... then holidays. I just finished my millionth assignment, to be handed in tomorrow. No planning to do this weekend, just santa origami to learn for the 'fun' lessons next week. Almost a weekend of complete freedom!!

Am going to take my camera tomorrow along my course's xmas meal... Hopefully I will be uploading some of them so that you can see the lovely people going through the same hell as me ;-)

I made the decision today to apply for the job at my school. More out of curiosity than serious belief that I will get it.

Right, I am so hungry that I am going to go and toast a bagel and heap it with cream cheese. Then sleep (even though it's only 9).

PS Carols, anyone? Outside the Mansion House on xmas eve...

PPS Anyone know what a 'fuddle' is? We had one at school today. I think it's just a Derbyshire word...


Blogger Richard said...

I don't sing, but I am willing to stand and smile and criticise A for her contradictory approaches to christmas and religion.

1:11 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

I'm sure you do sing Richard! I'm looking forward to it already. Woo, just found out we finish a day earlier than we're supposed to, so back in York on the 22nd...

6:52 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

No. I really don't sing. Last time people went I just stood and smiled. That's what I will do this time. Don't question my resolve!

Looks like you had a fun time at the course dinner. I was amused to see that flickr lets you flag photos as being offensive.

God knows when I'll be back in York. When I've done at least some of my shopping, and not before!

1:43 PM  
Anonymous 1u said...

i really enjoyed the carols, thanks jenny!

what is a fuddle then?

10:08 PM  

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