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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stockton on the Forest Carnival

Fashion Through The Ages
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Today I went to the carnival that takes place in my village every year. This was the first time I'd attended in about ten years! The last time I came was when I was still at Huntington School, with my friend Heidi who used to live just around the corner from me. It was actually Jane who mentioned it to me when I met her for lunch the other day... I'm really glad we made the effort though. The kids in the parade were so cute!! I especially liked the 'Fashion Through The Ages' section (see picture). We got to see what fashion was like from the 1920s all the way through to 2005!! The kids doing the modelling were carrying signs showing the year they were representing... I thought 1951 was especially special - how specific! Did that kid do loads of research or what?! Not just fashion in the 1950s, but 1951! Wow! What bright kids we produce in this village! We followed the parade up to the village hall, and tried our luck on the tambola. Unfortunately I didn't win the 'Pot Noodles' mug set (shame). But it was lovely to be part of the community, even just for the afternoon...


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