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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

new weston park museum

I forget, I did do something interesting~~ at the weekend I (and AM and R) ended up in the new converted now posh Weston Park Museum in Sheff. It's the same old stuff in fancy new rooms with nice new toilets and a huge shop. It was cool though. A whole building dedicated to the greatness of Sheffield. Snowy the Polar Bear is still there as are the drawers of dead butterflies and other decaying insects. The bit on Park Hill was really cool. Bit of a random museum, but it's still lovely!

there's no gossip here! sorry!

Apologies for anyone who does read this that everything is pretty dull at the moment (it has been for some time).

I was on a course today in Quorn. (I never knew there was such a place!) It was fantastic to be out of school, not having to think really (I pretended to think a little bit but it wasn't very convincing!) So since techincally it was a day off school, I'm forcing myself not to work this evening. I've managed so far by spending time on the phone and playing the guitar (Teenage Fanclub's Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From). Need to get those strings replaced though.

So, this is it. Dull! Right, better go clean those bathroom walls....