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Sunday, April 15, 2007

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It's been a long time since I've visited my blog... I thought I'd post some pictures of Lisbon as a way to de-stress. I'm going to be moving home in three weeks' time, which is good, but it couldn't have come really at a busier time (loads of exams, marking, reports this term) and the place I'm moving to needs decorating, new carpets and new furniture. Stress! But anyway, here are a few shots from Lisbon:

I really loved the tiles - "azulejos" - which were all over the city. Everywhere we went too we seemed to get an amazing view - hence most my pictures look over the top of Lisbon! I liked the place though. It was smaller than I expected, and the food wasn't great really - but it had a great atmosphere and the people seemed pretty friendly. Sintra was cool too (and cheap - we sneaked into the palace without paying - by accident!) and Belem was interesting, even though we spent most of the time lying in the sun. It was a well-deserved break... but got to get through this next month now and it's going to be super-stressful!


Anonymous impermissiblewanyu said...

really amazing shots...
glad to see them...

i wish i had more pictures to show but when i went on holiday last month i did not take my camera with me... ripponden (where my cousin was living) was nice too!!

hey jenny i just saw that from may there'll be a new graduate scheme to allow graduates to work in the UK for 12 months... and i guess it's gonna be good for me, i'm gonna give it a try for a writing career or language/literature teaching of some sort in your country, or whatever i can do using my pen and my brain!

ps. my work starts to go slightly better from this morning... things are gonna be alright with me, i think! give me more encouragement!!

are you coming back to see us this weekend and to celebrate andy's b-day? i miss you!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous wrennyjen said...

hey there Wanyu

That's good news! You should be a writer - you'd be fab! :-)

Unfortunately I can't come this weekend. I'm so busy now that I have to sort out my flat. It needs decorating and new carpets and allsorts before I can move in. Exciting though!

Maybe you can come through to Sheff one weekend and all three of us can meet up then. What do you think?

3:49 PM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

thanks a lot for letting me use your photo! :) if you happen to have any tree photos too then i'd be very happy to post them too to add to my trees photo album on my blog!

haha, so cute... i wrote under your photo (on my blog) that i have read some portuguese literature and it's a shame i know so little about the country...

you can maybe tell me more about what you saw there!!

and we're currently chatting!!

5:12 PM  

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