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Monday, December 04, 2006

big rant

I feel like having a big rant about a certain person that I live with. I've already had several moans to other people. I've been so looking forward to today - a day off - but because of this particular person I'm in a very bad mood. Who does she think she is giving orders to clean things that don't even need cleaning?! Like the oven, for example. Which normal person cleans the oven? Maybe people do once a year or so... All this apparently is because our landlord is visiting next week. It's not even dirty, neither is the fridge, nor the tiles in the kitchen. It's not like it's an inspection! What's he gonna do if there's a speck of dirt? Chuck us all out on the street? As for the heating it's a joke. There's not even been a frost yet but still the house is heated to what feels like 30 degrees and we have to keep it on because this woman says it gets cold in the living room. And who decided that we keep the heating on till 10 at night anyway? Not me. The house isn't cold enough to have it on for so long. And then I got a note this morning asking me to mow the lawn. It's WINTER for god's sake - NOBODY mows the lawn in WINTER. Not like it's going to grow any more really is it? And how dare she leave me a note asking me to do that?? This is my DAY OFF that I've been looking forward to for weeks and weeks and she just wants to ruin it all by getting me to do stuff for the bloody sake of it. Well, I've cleaned the inside of the windows today. Apparently this is a job that needs doing. Yeah right. I can't stand this obsession with hyper-cleanliness. She's just WEIRD. I swear it's so impossible to relax here. So I'm looking for somewhere else to live.. Then she can boss the next person around with her orders. (Bet they don't hang around long either.)

And she doesn't even own the house!! She's just a tenant too like me! I want to make a big horrible mess in the kitchen and leave it for a week and then see what she does. Grr, she's driving me mad.


Anonymous impermissiblewanwan said...

i see, so this is why you're in a bad mood... poor you...

did you just quietly tolerate this or did you have a row with her?

hope you sort it out soon...

did you have a good weekend then? i still have a cold...

5:37 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Nice rant! I think you should definitely move. That'll show 'em. Leave a big poo on the kitchen floor on your way out. Seriously, don't take any shit, and good luck dealing with them.

Sorry this comment's so late! I haven't been keeping up with blogs much lately ... but that's all changing!

4:25 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Rich, it's just one of them... I just went downstairs to find that the washing up had been done.. but not my one bowl and glass and spoon!!!!! Oh my god, how petty... I can tell she doesn't like me - don't know what I've done wrong! How ridiculous though... to even know exactly which pots you've used and which ones you haven't. I really, really need to get away from this house. She even put my teapot away full of old tea. She is so weird I can't describe how much she is weird.

The poo idea is excellent.

11:49 AM  

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