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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'm so glad I braved the freezing weather to see this film about the Chinese immigrant workers who died cockling at Morecambe Bay in 2004. I will think twice now about where the meat and vegetables I buy at Sainsbury's come from. And next time I moan about my living conditions or my job, I will also think about others' desperation which I so fortunately do not have to suffer. I will also visit the Ghosts website and make a donation to help raise the £500,000 pay off the debts of the workers' families still struggling to pay the money lenders. See it. What we saw on the news is not even half the story.


Blogger Richard said...

Hmmm ... not sure if my last comment worked. Never mind. It's either this or Babel next time I go to the pictures, if I make it there before friday when Hot Fuzz is out. I just hope it's good!

2:04 PM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

hello jens...

I saw the trailor of this film when I was in Edinburgh... will check it out when I get the chance but I reckon I will be disturbed and upset...

enjoy your week off x

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's pretty disturbing to watch. It really upset me. But it's good to be aware of what's actually happening out there. I had no idea things were so bad.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous impermissiblewanyu said...

heard from andy! he can come, so can wanchen!

anywhere specific you want to go? let's say 12:30, where? cafe concerto? or that little cafe ambience?? we went years ago on one sunday or where??

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Cool! Ok then let's meet at 12.30. I quite like that Ambience place, but I don't mind really where we go. Should we meet at the fountain in any case and go from there?

4:39 PM  
Anonymous impermissiblewanyu said...

how was harrogate?? curious...

6:51 PM  
Anonymous impermiwan said...

what happened to our yann tiersen plan???

what's happening in your world???

we're out of touch, i can't believe this!!

hope you're well...
coming back to york any time soon?? seen andy in sheff yet??


6:20 PM  
Anonymous jennywren said...

I don't know what happened to our plan! In fact, I'm pretty broke at the moment, and plus the locations/dates aren't great. Getting back for school the next day would be a bit of a nightmare. It's a shame though, cos you know I'd love to see him. Are you going to go? You should!

My world is pretty busy. So busy that I have to plan my weekly cleaning duties in the house (!) around my school work. The days are up and down, but if it's sunny and warm (like today) then everything seems much cheerier!

I'm off to London at the weekend! Just for Fri-Sat then back to do work on Sunday. I have joined the gym near here (actually at the university) and I'm still learning the guitar. That's about it really!

Off to Lisbon over Easter.... and I've just sorted out some travels for the summer. Cool!

Hope you're well. Any progress on what you'll do next year (sorry if that's an annoying question).

Sorry this is long - it should've been an email really!

J xx

8:08 PM  
Anonymous impermiwan said...

i'm in the library help!!

no, in fact, i am enjoying the concentration... it's quite great really because it seems that i'm again the only person in this part of the library now!! :) the joy of being left alone, yay!!

now i know why you're broke... you're gonna be travelling!!

well, no yann tiersen then.. you're right they're kind of far away those venues...

i'm going to leeds to see shakespeare's sonnets concert!!

i'm not learning guitar at the moment because my tutor is busy, but i still play every now and again...

what to do after thesis, hmm.. will have to finish the thesis first then think about it... some exciting things have come up tho...

ooh mine is even longer than yours!!

and i must pack up and go home to sleep... xxx

11:03 PM  

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