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Thursday, August 25, 2005


I guess the right thing to do is to have a proper, defined topic for each blog entry, but this is my blog so I will just record a few observations and thoughts I had today.

Fran got us tickets for Fiddler On The Roof. Despite being hugely disappointed not to get to see Spamalot (virtually impossible to get tickets) I think FOTR will be well worth seeing. Although I've only seen half of the film, I think there'll be enough tunes in there that I recognise to enjoy it. But, this is Broadway we're talking about, not the Theatre Royal in York (not saying the Theatre Royal is rubbish or anything...) so I doubt I will be disappointed. But, I'm gutted about Spamalot... (OK, I'll have to save that for next time I visit...) Nevermind. It might even make it to London in the near future.

If I see or smell another beetroot I am going to scream! Seriously. Why is my dad obsessed with getting beetroots from his friend and then boiling them and pickling them? Our kitchen is full of jars of beetroot, and empty jars waiting to be filled with beetroot. I hate beetroot!! I live in a beetroot factory.

My mum met Wendy tonight. She thought Wendy was pretty cool. We took her to the pub and we drank wine (that tasted like vinegar though). That might be the last time I see Wendy (what with holidays and moving etc). I couldn't tell her that. I hate goodbyes too.

I packed for the weekend. I packed lots of old clothes and also a pair of wellies (spotty ones....oh dear...borrowed from a friend...). I am going to really appreciate my bed tonight. No, I don't want to camp in the cold and the rain!

Sunni has now finished working at the uni (we had a leaving party yesterday). She was one of the kindest people I've met. It was sad to see her go (and retire in France, lucky...) (She was the first one to make me a cup of tea when I'd just started working there~)

Oooh, I watched 'As Good As It Gets' the other night. Just one of those films you absolutely must see.

Well, that about sums that up. Not much to say really. Well, nothing interesting. Maybe next time there will be more interesting things to say...


Anonymous The Gondoliers said...

We are the gondoliers. We are enjoying free internet access in the Venice future centre. If you ask us nicely we will sing you an italian pop song as you get punted down a canal. But only if you pay.

Can you tell us the way to the nearest canal?

12:31 PM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

hi jens,
so you've come home to sleep! haha, good good...
hope you're not exhausted! but you've seen some really cool gigs!!
last night's party was good...

8:20 PM  
Blogger jennywren said...

Hi there Richard and Annemarie. Venice is still lovely then? Eat a calzone for me and some yoghurt ice cream. Although I'd be quite happy with vanilla if that's not available;)

8:21 PM  

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