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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

first music festival

Well, after wanting and wanting to go to a music festival for such a long time, it seems that, finally, I'm going to one! (Well, I have to go now, because Oxfam has cashed my deposit so if I don't turn up for my shifts then I've lost 130 quid). So, yay, I'm an Oxfam steward at the Leeds festival! I registered tonight, and was given a bright pink wristband (that, apparently, if I remove, becomes void. So yes, I will look pretty ridiculous at work tomorrow). My shifts aren't too bad I suppose (I'm not doing any overnight ones) and I get Saturday evening off to go and see some cool bands perform. (Although I think the lineup is a little disappointing altogther this year... but still, it'll be cool) Anyone have any recommendations? Here's thelineup. I have my wellies ready (weather forecast doesn't look too good) and will be taking gloves, hat, and a scarf (mainly to sleep in). Looking foward to the provided meals too haha (although they could just be Pot Noodles - but that's ok because I like them). Anyway, I will write more after the event (if I survive and don't get too cross with all the drunk people). So watch this space!


Blogger quinton13cyrus said...

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11:52 AM  
Blogger impermissiblewanyü said...

i'm waiting to read about whom you've seen at the festival..

9:55 PM  

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