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Thursday, July 21, 2005


This evening I went to visit Wendy B, the partially-sighted/disabled lady I visit every week. Tonight I feel went especially well, and that we reached the point where we can call each other friends now. I always feel that she's forced to do her computer work with me, and that it's not really out of her own choice, because all the residents in the house (sounds a bit like Big Brother...) are supposed to do an activity with a volunteer every week. But tonight I felt relaxed with her, and we even joked about her carer Colin, who she is not that keen on... Actually she doesn't like him much at all. (She tells me these things but I am not supposed to tell anybody else.) She also likes to swear a lot, but I guess she must either feel really comfortable around me, or knows that I'm not going to tell on her... The residents aren't supposed to swear, and get into trouble if they do... But not bad swear words, because really she's sweet and needs to let off steam with somebody (me). I asked her if she enjoyed typing on the computer, and her reply was 'Yes, I really like computers', so that made me happy, that we were doing an activity that she actually wanted to do. If I didn't see her regularly, she would never have the chance to use a computer, and for that reason it makes the whole thing worthwhile and my time spent well. I then told her that I would have to stop coming in September, and that she would have to have a new volunteer, and then she said, 'But you can still phone me, can't you?' And then I realised that actually Wendy does like me, and that we are friends, and that she does appreciate the time I spend with her. And it felt really good (because usually I can't be bothered to go and think that Wendy doesn't really care about the typing and chatting to me). But I felt sad too, that I will have to stop being her volunteer. So, all I can say is it really is time, if you haven't already, to volunteer. Even if it's just for a few weeks, for a few hours, or just a day, it is really important. Next week she wants to go to the pub... But I have to learn how to manoeuvre her wheelchair first... I'm sure I can do it...


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