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Saturday, April 30, 2005


persepolis book
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I read "Persepolis" at the end of summer last year. Set in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, it follows the story of Satrapi. As she grows up, she witnesses first-hand the effects that the revolution and the war with Iraq have on her home, family and school.

It's told through the eyes of a child (reflected in Satrapi's simplistic black-and-white drawings), and the story shows how Marjane learns about her family history and how it's entwined with the history of Iran. A very human story and beautifully told.

I received in the mail today (thank you Fran) "Embroderies", Marjane Satrapi's third novel... Apparently not as good as Persepolis 1 and 2, but then it would be impossible to top those... But I can't wait to read it.


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