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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

who to vote for

Having just watched Blair being grilled by Jeremy Paxman, I have been trying to give some thought as to what my tactic will be on May 5th. (Actually, I will be out of the country having fun- hooray!! - but I shall have my postal vote;)) I just checked out the stats on the web, and, much to my horror, not only did John Greenway get 10% over the Lib Dems in Ryedale (my constituency. Sigh), Labour only got 15% of the vote in 2001!! So, as a Labour person (for the most part, anyway, since really there's no alternative) I don't know whether to at least be loyal and give them my vote, or go for the Lib Dems, in the hope that we can get rid of Greenway. I don't want my vote to be wasted voting for Labour, but then again it would feel strange to vote LD. Hmmm. This is a tricky one! And if I didn't vote at all, then that would be unforgiveable.


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